Our name, Ottimo - translating to "great quality" or "excellent" in Italian, signifies our unwavering commitment to excellence. Trusted by businesses in diverse sectors like construction, infrastructure, transportation, automobile and marine, Ottimo Metals offers superior quality zinc wires you can rely on to safeguard your valuable assets.

Our zinc wire manufacturing plant boasts a robust production capacity of 1200 MT per month, ensuring we can effectively meet the demands of our valued customers. Each stage of our production process adheres to rigorous quality control measures, overseen by our state-of-the-art modern laboratory. Our products are supported by a well-established Quality Control Plan, which is fortified by our ISO 9001:2015 Quality System and ISO 14001:2015 Environment Management System.

At Ottimo Metals Pvt Ltd in India, we take pride in offering high-performance products that have gained wide acceptance across diverse industry segments. We proudly serve as the primary supplier to a significant portion of the Ductile Iron Pipe industry in India, effectively addressing their increasing need for Zinc Spray Metallization Wire. We are the trusted choice for major manufacturers in various sectors including capacitor, finned tube heat exchanger, and gas cylinder production. These industry leaders rely on 'Ottimo Metals Pvt Ltd India' for their Zinc and other spray metallization wire needs.

Choose Ottimo Metals for unparalleled quality, expertise and reliability. Join our growing list of satisfied clients who trust us to deliver exceptional zinc wire solutions.

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